“The body is the capital of revolution”, this is both inspirational and comfoeting motto in life, which brings out the importance of a healthy person, because only a healthy body allows the revolution. As for the so-called revolutionary capital, the body is the first health, that is, in a physical and mental health. The physical and mental health should include two meanings; the first is physical health, which is the “body health”; and the second is to have a certain mood practice of emotional quotient and adversity quotient, this is what the “mental health” is all about. It coincides with our core value of Safewell; SAFE is the body’s health; WELL is a healthy mind; one is the entity, visible and tangible; one is virtual and spiritual, which needs a sentiment.

Morning Exercise:

Safewell morning practice culture is to make all Safewell colleagues practice the “body” and “mind” everyday, so as to continuously keep themselves healthy; only to have a healthy body and mind, can you create your safeness entity and fell the wellness spirit.

Sports Meeting:

With the Safewell spirit “work hard in unity and work desperately”, Safewell organizes sporting events each year in Greater China. Sports and cultural life once again inspires the Safewell family’s passion and improves team cohesion and solidarity, and make the five entities to participate the games and intergrate into Safewell.