Safewell Military Academy MILITARY ACADEMY PROFILE

The wise Chinese scholar-originated entrepreneur, Mr. Punan does not pursue to get famous but benefit the society. Then he created Safewell with other gentlemen, aiming to build the people-oriented centennial career. Safewell Military Academy was established by following the times and meeting the needs.

"Safewell Military Academy" was established in 17, Feb. 2009 adhering to three spirits of "unity", "sacrifice" and "struggle" of the Whampoa Military Academy, with "focusing on refining heart and then practicing skills" as the motto. Teachers and students strictly master the teaching approach of "paying attention to both attitudes and skills and combining the theory and the reality" and an aim to train outstanding leadership talent with "rigorousness", "toughness", "passion" and "responsibility" for the whole society.

Culture of Safewell Military Academy

Motto: Focus on refining heart and then practice skills

Thought: Identity generates force and following gives burst of passion

Purpose: Cultivate outstanding leadership talent with rigorousness, toughness, passion and responsibility for the whole society

Mission: Make mass-production of talents, inherit the culture, create new culture and unify the thought

Vision: Organize a group of people as one, become a family with action and eventually unite the minds.

The energy song: "Souls  in Safewell"

Celebration Day: 17, February