Chairman Message chairman message

Since Safewell comes to China, I witness the growth and fission of Safewell in the great China with you; I experience sufferings with all employees of Safewell while sharing the joy of success.

Safewell has been known around the world for high quality and technological innovation. The foundation of all is that we place the staff growth, the user's needs, the interests of partners and value of investors and shareholder in the first place. At the same time, we work tirelessly to contribute to the community in the modest means. We always adhere to the core soul to "make Safewell products and services so they could allow our customers to live a better life and enjoy happiness". We stick to the main business idea of the sustainable development of "respect and gratitude". Safewell people hold a grateful and respectful heart; in the nature cycle, the Safewell platform continues to accumulate energy, having the fission to make the endless running.

In the society marked by the financial crisis everywhere, we should be prepared. This situation requires us to be cautious in innovation and grow in prize. We believe to be the learning-style enterprise’s owner and always keep in mind the responsibility the company shall undertake. The core culture to "create safe sense and feel at ease" is realized in Safewell Enterprise, which concentrates Yin and Yang, refines the actual situation, improves energy and achieves three-dimensional circulation. Safewell development has only gone through the first step of the Long March so far and a brighter future awaits us to challenge. Dear family members, we have a long way to go!

MR. Safe