Career Development

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categoryProfessional requirementspostPlanned duty station
Overseas classEnglish, international trade, translation, machinery, communication engineering, marketing, international business and similar majors.Branch business, The management of the post Overseas branch 
Management classBusiness management, secretarial, English, Chinese, news, new media, auditing, financial management, finance, statistics, machinery, human resources management and marketingExecutive Trainee secretary, financial management, human resource managementAsia Pacific Park (Ningbo headquarters) Each manufacturing base 
Business classEnglish, Japanese, French, translation, international trade, machinery, industrial design, industrial engineering, communication engineering and similar professionalExport business, with a single document, the domestic business, business supportAsia Pacific Park (Ningbo headquarters)
Technology, quality control, manufacturingMechanical design and automation, mechanical and electrical integration, electrical automation, industrial engineering, industrial design, communication engineering, computer, logistics management, statistics, business administration and related professionalIT engineers, R & D engineers, technicians, production site management, quality management, production planning, procurement, material control, statisticsAsia Pacific Park (Ningbo headquarters) Ningbo manufacturing base Jiashan manufacturing base