ContributionSocial Responsibility

Mr. XuPunan once said :Treasure does not only stand for the ability of a company, but for more responsibility of enterprises and entrepreneurs. Running a company or making brand in the final is about the responsibility, we do business is not only for creating wealth, but also to build a bridge of love. Over the years, all subsidiary companies of Safewell keep donating to the Foundation every year. Safewell employees also voluntarily make contribution and donations to the society and pass on the public-interest positive power with the Safewell core value Safety you can rely on.


Charity Foundation

Activities Social Activity
  • Care for war veterans
  • Healthy happy sunset
  • Help the old to help the poor
  • Youth Education
  • other
Charity FoundationCharity Foundation

In 2012, Safewell donated 5 million RMB to establish Safewell Pushi Charity Foundation to help solve social problems of the elderly people and teenagers’ education. Thus, elder people will have the sense of security, belonging and worthiness and children in poor areas can carry bags to school.

In recent three years,Safewell employees voluntarily donate their own money, gather many a little love heart and pass on the positive power to the society with the Safewell core value ”Safety you can rely on”.