Introduction Military Profile

About Safewell Military Academy


Mr. XuPunan, a wise Chinese scholar-originated entrepreneur, does not pursue to get famous but appreciatethe society. Then he set up Safewell with other partners, aiming to build the people-oriented centennial career. Safewell Military Academy was sometimes given birth to and established.


Safewell Military Academy, established in February 17th 2009, adhering to three spirits “uniting”, “sacrifice”and “struggle”of the Whampoa Military Academy, regarding focusing on refining heart and then practicing skills as the motto. Teachers and students strictly follow the principle of teaching approach of paying attention to both attitude and skills and combining the theory together with the reality. The formulation of the school’s mission is to cultivate outstanding leaders with rigorousness, toughness, passion and responsibility for the whole society.


Till now, Safewell Military Academy has many graduates from the past eight sessions. Many group leaders, branch GM, and core team managers are from them, respectively 22%, 36% and 50%were born after 1985. The youngest group leader was born in 1992. This team has already become an overwhelming power for the whole company.

Culture of Safewell Military Academy


Motto: Focus on refining heart and then practice skills


Thought: Identity generates force and following gives burst of passion


Purpose: Cultivate outstanding leadership talent with rigorousness, toughness, passion and responsibility for the whole society


Mission: Make mass-production of talents, inherit the culture, create new culture and unify the thought


Vision: Organize a group of people as one, become a family with action and eventually unite the minds.


School Anthem: Souls in Safewell


Celebration Day: February 17th.