Safewell Military Academy

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"Shengwei Military Academy" was established on February 17, 2009. It adheres to the three spirits of "Unity", "Sacrifice" and "Struggle" of the Whampoa Military Academy. It is based on the principle of "focusing on refining the heart and practicing in the second place". Strictly master the teaching policy of “taking equal emphasis on both attitude and skill, combining theory with practice”, and believe that the whole society cultivates “rigorous”, “resilient”, “passionate” and “responsible” talents with outstanding leadership.

"Identity can grow, and efforts can achieve success." The talent culture of "seeking ethics, ethics, and cultivating talents" is a concentration of Shengwei's core human values. In Shengwei, as long as you agree with the company, are willing to follow, know how to be grateful, and believe in the future, you will get a multi-dimensional salary that exceeds expectations, and a broad career space (internal entrepreneurship, career sharing). A large number of outstanding military school students have entered the group and its subsidiaries to hold middle and senior positions.

Through the construction of Shengwei Business School (Shengwei Military Academy) and the talent echelon, Shengwei has established a comprehensive staff training and development system. The Shengwei International Management Trainee Program aims to experience Shengwei's cosmic culture and strategy in an all-round way through the centralized learning, rotation experience, experience of domestic and overseas projects, and tutoring by Shengwei Business School (Shengwei Military Academy). Operating and daily operating models to develop strong career ambitions.


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