Safewell Military Academy

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In the five categories of objects that Shengwei focuses on, employees are always in the first place. Under the guidance of the core values of “creating safety and feeling peace of mind”, Shengwei people adhere to the three principles of “Tiandao”, “Teacher Road” and “filial piety”. culture. In the cultural environment of Great Love, Shengwei people are active and always maintain a high working condition.

In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the employees, and to depict the memory together with the company, the company and the manufacturing bases carry out photo contests and organize quarterly birthday meetings for employees; to cultivate the sentiments, enjoy the natural scenery, and organize out-of-office activities together; With the enthusiastic input and the support of family members, the company organizes excellent employees and their families to travel overseas.

The daily morning exercise embodies the invincible spirit of the Shengwei people. In September of the year, the Shengwei International Greater China Games attracted all employees, excellent cooperation suppliers and customer representatives from the group. The opening ceremony, the constantly refreshing sports record, and the hard work on the field were high. The screaming and refreshing heroic attitude shows that Shengwei people enjoy the competition, the courage to be strong, the desperate one, and the desperate style.

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