Brand Interpretation BRANDS CULTURE


Cooperate mark is the core of visual identity system, which symbolizes the core value of the company. Safewell’s logo is shaped as a rectangle with “S” letter as basic unit, showing the core value “Safety you can rely on”.

1、Steady: The shape is a rectangle, on the one hand, it means the main features of a safe, conveying the “SAFE” quality. On the other hand, it symbolizes the steady development of Safewell and win-win attitude. “Well” means the development road of Safewell, although the word “TOP” or “KING” may be more attractive, all the employees know that it is not possible to be the best without always making it “WELL”.

2、Value: The hollow part of this logo is like a dollar sign, showing that Safewell will help our customers to keep valuable and make value to our partners and the society. “S” also means dollar which is an international currency, Safewell is also an international enterprise and make our five service targets feel safety.

3、Win-Win: We can see the dollar sign only by combining the right and left parts together, both are indispensable. Safewell have confidence to realize the employees’ dreams and have win-win cooperation with all our partners.

4、Balance: The mark is a centrosymmetry unit. It can be divided into 2 same images using a line through the central point. No matter how to divide, it’s always balanced. This means Safewell will keep itself balance even when meeting the difficulties.

5、Zigzag: All the success is the final result from failure. Safewell will keep the mind clear and develop in the ever-changing international environment.

6、Smooth: Safewell is not a closed enterprise as the logo shows, it’s an open company in management, communication and cooperation with others. “S” shows Safewell will absorb the essence and make it sustainable.