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Dasheng Wei platform, "a soul, three positioning, five main body, seven positions, nine principles"

A spirit / purpose (entrepreneurial spirit): the achievements of the people, so that our products and services to make our customers more happy life, happiness!

Three positioning: achievements people

A. Achievement of the edge of the prestige of the staff

B. Achievement Shengwei customers (gather or attract the love of the heart of the people who have affinity Shengwei)

C. Achievement of the edge of the prestige of the partners


Five main body:

A, employees

B, customers

C, partners

D, shareholders and investors

E, government and social beings


Seven positions:

A, standing in the party and the country's position - always to the Chinese heart for my heart

B, standing in the position of Shengwei Group ---- time to shape and maintain Shengwei large platform / organization of the heart

C, standing in the company's position ---- moment has become the spokesman of the Company's heart

D, standing in the customer position ---- the moment the achievements of the customer's heart

E, standing on the achievements of staff positions --- the moment the achievements of the staff of the heart

F, standing in the position of the shareholders of investors --- investors have time to benefit the hearts of shareholders

G, standing in the position of self-thinking --- create a self-time, the pursuit of selfless heart


Nine principles

To the fact that the principle

To the principle of confidentiality

To hold each other to each other as a principle

Not to spread the principle of negative

To a healthy lifestyle as a principle

To the efficient use of resources for the principle (capital, manpower, information, assets, equipment - collectively referred to as resources)

To not under the guise of others the principle of mouth

To develop the way to solve the problem

The company documents to do the basis for addressing the company's internal problems as a principle

The soul of the three positioning, five main body, seven positions, nine principles, the Shengwei platform for the real build all the affinity Shengwei community (she is our Sheng Wei's entrepreneurial community, but also our Shengwei staff team community, (Capital, resources, information) / (investment, management, consumption) / (life, career, spirit) of the community (Sheng Wei large platform is also a community of Sheng Wei various industries) .

At this point, Sheng Wei Sheng Wei is the fate of the big platform, a "big love" of the soul of the large platform (business organizations). To this end, all of this large platform Shengwei people must be able to do a unified thinking, unified strategy, unified propaganda, unified action! In this Shengwei platform for each Shengwei people (or business) are self-circular, mutual recycling and three-dimensional circulation.