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Since Safewell Group has entered China, we have witnessed the growth and fission of Safewell in Greater China; I’m willing to go through the difficulties and share the happiness of success with all destined Safewell`s people.    

Safewell has been known throughout the world for its high-quality and technological innovation. Everything is based on our employees’ growth, users' needs, and interests of partners, investors and shareholders’ value; at the same time, we work tirelessly for the community to contribute our modest means. We always adhere to the aim: "Help our customers to live a happier life with Safewell products and services," and insist on long-lasting "respect and gratitude" as it’s the main line of business culture. Safewell people carry the respect together with the appreciation. A circle of Yin and Yang which means that Safewell continues to accumulate energy, persist fission, endless running.

Nowadays, the financial crisis spread across the society, we have to prepare for danger in times of safety, make innovation with caution and grow up in toughness. We want to be a learn-oriented enterprise and always keep the responsibility of enterprises in mind. With the core value “Safety you can rely on”,strikes down to the earth, concentrate Yin and Yang, refine the actual situation, improve energy as well as keep sustainable circulation. The development of Safewell Group has just taken the first step in the Long March, brighter future awaits us to challenge. Dear family members, we have a long way to go!